Yoshinkai ACT


Inoue Kyoichi Hanshi Sensei 9th Dan (now 10th Dan black belt) is a teacher of rare quality. He is the epitome of a budo (“martial way”) teacher and is highly regarded in the martial arts world as one who has truly mastered the Art of Yoshinkan Aikido. On his visit to Australia in March-April 2008, Inoue Hanshi was accompanied by his uchideshi (disciple), Takashima Saburo Sensei 4th Dan.


Takashima Saburo Sensei 4th Dan (now 6th Dan black belt), talks about the art of Yoshinkan Aikido, intensive Yoshinkan training for the Tokyo Riot Police men and women and the role of an uchideshi (live in disciple), in Blitz’s September 2006 edition.


“Hard style” — “martial martial art” — “action not philosophizing” — “riot police training” — “combat Aikido” — “small, devastating circles”–Yoshinkai Aikido had been described to me in fairly intimidating terms but, if I was going to research it, I needed to try it. … A non-Yoshinkan Aikidoka’s journey to experience the hard style. ( Accessed: 4/10/2014).


Over a drink, a member of another aikido school spoke enthusiastically about their ki
training. As he gushed about being blindfolded last night during their ki training in
which he was asked to sense when uke were close by, I was reminded of an incident
that happened some years ago.


“Sensei, what would you do if someone attacked you in the street?”

I was taken aback momentarily as I was quite enjoying my chicken teriyaki.
So, how to answer this question coming from this young aikidoka?