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Yoshinkan Aikido

“House of the cultivating spirit”

Yoshinkan Aikido, the system of aikido founded by Ueshiba Sensei’s noted student Shioda Gozo Sensei, is taught exclusively to the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police, and is now available in Canberra. Yoshinkan Aikido is noted for its non aggressive approach to self-defence.

Yoshinkan Aikido is also about spreading harmony and peace through the practice of our Art.

The founder of Yoshinkan Aikido, Shioda Sensei, remarked that:

“These days, the differences of ideology, the confrontation of races and conflict between nations, leads to numerous problems from the destruction of the environment to economic friction. All opposition or antagonism leads to greater conflict.A premise of Aikido is the avoidance of rivalry or any form of opposition. If the people of the world would make an effort to learn how to avoid dissension through the practice of Aikido, I am sure that mankind could realise genuine unification. Therefore, we as instructors must do our best to gain this ideal.”

Shioda Gozo Soke – Founder of Yoshinkan Aikido (1915-1994)

Yoshinkan Aikido brings a systematic approach to aikido training. Members begin with basic movements and exercises that lead them to, and assist them with learning the more complicated techniques of aikido.

Training is always conducted in a safe, nurturing environment that allows members to develop at their own pace. Safety is always the highest priority, learning how to safely practice is at the forefront of our classes.

Seminar held at Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) in Sydney – Aikido Yoshinkai ACT is a branch dojo of AYNSW

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