Yoshinkai ACT

Aikido Yoshinkai ACT

Aikido Yoshinkai ACT

Aikido Yoshinkai ACT (AYACT) practises the traditional Japanese martial art of Yoshinkan Aikido.

As “traditional custodians” of our Art, we feel it is important to teach and pass it on to the next generation. AYACT’s vision is to ensure that Yoshinkan Aikido is available and accessible to people living in the ACT/Queanbeyan region..

AYACT is the Canberra regional branch dojo (training hall) of Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) teaching and training under the guidance of Darren Friend Shihan Sensei (6th degree black belt) and Peggy Woo Sensei (5th degree black belt).

As part of the Aikido Yoshinkai Federation through AYNSW, our members have direct links with dojo in Japan and overseas and may visit and train there.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to meeting you in our Dojo!