Yoshinkai ACT

AYACT Instructor(s)

AYACT Instructor(s)

Our Code of Ethics:

  • Respect the rights and dignity of everyone. Treat everyone equally regardless of sex, background, race or religion
  • Ensure all members benefit and have a positive experience
  • Treat each member as an individual, develop their talent and help them obtain their goals
  • Be fair, considerate and honest with students
  • Be professional and accept responsibility for your actions. In language and manner, preparation and presentation. Display control, respect,dignity and professionalism to all. Encourage students to demonstrate the same qualities
  • Commit yourself to providing quality at all levels
  • Operate within the spirit of budo
  • Ensure physical contact is appropriate to the situation and necessary for student skill development
  • Refrain from any personal abuse or harassment towards students. Be alert to any forms of abuse directed to your students whilst in your care
  • Provide a safe training environment
  • Show caution and concern towards sick or injured students
  • Be a positive role model for society


Andrew Barnes and Tom Seeto at the beginning of their aikido journey receiving instructions from Inoue Kyoichi Sensei (10th degree black belt)


Instructor Profile

Tom Seeto Dojocho (dojo caretaker) – Nidan (2nd degree) black belt.                       Ph: 0477 689 448   From overseas: +61 477689448

  • Commenced training at Aikido Yoshinkai NSW, Sydney, in November 2005.
  • Opened AYACT with Andrew Barnes (currently off-the-mat) in May 2014.
  • Trained at Yoshinkai headquarters in Tokyo, and aikido dojo in Canada, Europe, Japan, Malaysia and USA.
  • Trained and/or attended seminars in karate, kendo, Wing Chun, hapkido and Target Focused Training.
  • Lived in Canberra since 1991.
  • Retired in 2012 to follow his passion in Yoshinkan Aikido.
  • Holds tertiary degrees in administration and OH&S.

Andrew Barnes Sensei demonstrating with Tom Seeto Sensei at Aikido Yoshinkai NSW’s 10th annual demonstration in June 2015 (© 2015 Peter Richardson).