Yoshinkai ACT


This page contains testimonials about AYACT provided by members of the Dojo and their parents:


“My teenage daughters started practicing Aikido a year ago and have been enjoying the training.  They had been looking to train in a martial art for some time but hadn’t found anything that they felt comfortable with until they met Tom Sensei.

Tom Sensei maintains the focus and discipline of the martial arts but has a calm approach to teaching, avoiding unnecessary aggression and providing a safe environment for training.

I have also started training, and at 50 years old I need to take a slower pace than my teenage daughters.  The Yoshinkan style of Aikido and Tom Sensei’s instruction is accommodating of this which helps me keep motivated to train regularly.” – A, parent and AYACT member


“Our son joined Aikido Yoshinkai ACT in November 2014 aged 9. His confidence, self-esteem, core strength, stamina and aikido technique have all benefitted from being part of this incredibly supportive dojo.

Both Sensei Seeto and Sensei Barnes have a gentle way of working with students, explaining techniques and practising skills step by step while maintaining a disciplined and mature environment.

We highly recommend anyone interested in aikido to join this dojo.” – H & B, parents


“As someone who suffers from — and —–, Aikido Yoshinkai ACT has been instrumental in giving me the confidence to take up Yoshinkan Aikido, which has indirectly helped me fight both disorders.

Tom Sensei and Andrew Sensei have been very encouraging and helpful in this journey and I don’t think I’d find this from any other another martial art club. They are just fantastic and I hope to eventually fully learn and become proficient in the wonderful art of Yoshinkan Aikido from my chosen teachers and club, Aikido Yoshinkai ACT.” – M, AYACT member


“I’ve always been interested in doing a martial art. When I found out about Aikido I thought the style suited me due to its self-defense nature.

I found out about the ACT dojo from a friend at school and I love training there one or two days a week. It’s a great source of exercise and I’ve become a lot more confident due to the accepting atmosphere and great people that I meet on the mat.

Tom-Sensei and Andrew-Sensei are both brilliant instructors who provide a sense of diligence and discipline while also making it a fun and safe environment to train in after school and on the weekends.” – P, AYACT member


“I have been doing aikido for a couple of years now, and the training has given me a lot more confidence and knowledge about marital arts and self-defence.  I feel comfortable with both instructors, Tom Sensei and Andrew Sensei, because I know they do consider safety first on the mat. I’m very glad I decided to train at the Yoshinkan aikido dojo as I have learned a lot from our instructors and the art itself.” – M, AYACT member


“Having previously studied Aikido in Melbourne, I decided it was time to take it up again in Canberra about 12 months ago. In my search I found Aikido Yoshinkai ACT and was greeted by the Sensei who offered humble and kind answers to all my questions and welcomed me to watch the class that was about to start. Once the class started, it took me no more than five minutes to know that this was the place for me. The instructions were clear and to the point. There was a great level of care for the beginners attending that class and everyone seemed to enjoy their time. I have no hesitation in recommending this Dojo. The Instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful and are truly interested in empowering the students to be all that they can be.” – B, AYACT member