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Membership Application

  • We encourage people who are interested in taking up martial arts to visit a variety of aikido dojo (training hall) and martial arts in order to make an informed evaluation of which one is best for you. Please see our FAQ re “I am new to martial arts. What are the differences between the martial arts?”
  • Traditionally in Japan, the dojo community is a group of people (members) who come together and support the dojo to which they belong.
  • The traditional martial artist does not pay fees in exchange for a service. The fees provide a place for training and a way to show gratitude for the training received. You cannot buy the technique.
  • Being a member of a traditional dojo gives you access to participate in classes, seminars and special member events. Thus membership in Aikido Yoshinkai ACT (AYACT) is very different from a gym, sports club or other similar associations.
  • AYACT accepts applications for membership from adults but we reserve the right to decline an application.
  • We accept applications for membership for children. However, each case will be determined on its merits and we reserve the right to decline an application for membership by/for a person younger than 18 years old.
  • If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to train with us, please consult your doctor before you seek to train with us. If you have a medical condition, please provide a medical certificate supporting your membership application before you train with us.
  • We understand that people’s priorities change over time and you may not be in a position to practise as often as you would like in which case, it would be courteous if you discuss your circumstances with us so we can explore options. And should you decide to leave AYACT, you would be welcome to return to the dojo in future if you left on good terms.
  • Should you decide to sever your relationship with AYACT or Yoshinkan Aikido completely, it is customary to return your AYACT membership card, AYACT badge, grading certificate, coloured belt, etc to the dojo.

Application for AYACT membership: Application Form

Information about: Getting Started


Covid19 affecting membership applications and requests to train with AYACT

The covid virus has changed our community generally and our training environment. There is still much that we do not know or understand about the virus, so AYACT will be conservative and prudent when managing the health and safety risks in our training activities.

On the Dojo’s reopening in the first 3 months – in August, September, October 2020 inclusive:

  • Application(s) for new AYACT membership will be considered on its merits for future membership having regards to evolving developments due to the virus. That is, a new application may not be accepted during these 3 months.
  • Visiting Yoshinkan/Yoshinkai aikidoka may practise with AYACT on application to the Dojocho but each case will be considered having regard to the prevailing situation – a written recommendation from his/her Sensei will be required from the visitor. No recommendation – no training on AYACT mat.
  • If the visiting aikidoka is coming from or recently visited an identified virus “hotspot” that may include country/State/Territory or city/town/council/postcode, he/she will need to provide evidence that he/she is not currently infected before getting on the mat – no exceptions.
  • Aikidoka from non-Yoshinkan/Yoshinkai dojo will not be permitted to train with AYACT.
  • Although the ACT Government has enabled “full contact” martial arts training, our focus initially will be on fitness, aikido fundamentals, examination of subtleties, etc – with or without partner(s). And some cross training in other martial arts as appropriate to compliment our training in Yoshinkan.
  • The above points in this section will be revisited after October 2020.