Yoshinkai ACT

Registered dojos

Australian dojo (training centres) registered with Aikido Yoshinkai Honbu (headquarters) in Tokyo:

For a listing of registered Yoshinkai dojo overseas, please go to the Honbu’s webpage: Worldwide Dojo List. As part of the Aikido Yoshinkai Federation through AYNSW, AYACT members have direct links with dojo in Japan and overseas and may visit and train there.
Other Australian dojo that teaches the Yoshinkan style of Aikido:

(This list may not be complete. Other dojo will be listed here as we become aware of it).

  • Aikido Shudokan in Melbourne was the first Yoshinkan style dojo in Australia, founded by Joe Thambu Shihan in 1980. Shudokan dojo are located in Heidleberg West, Springvale, Williamstown, and Albury. Reciprocal arrangements are in place with this dojo.
  • Aikido Albury on the state border of NSW and Victoria, is linked to Aikido Shudokan.
  • Kenshinryu based in Palmwoods Qld with branch dojo in Armidale NSW and Lismore NSW. This Dojo originally practised Yoshinkan Aikido but has since expanded its teachings and syllabus into Kenshinkan Aikido.
  • Aikido Yoshinkan Sunshine Coast Dojo at Caloundra, Qld.
  • Yoshinkan Aikido Wagga Wagga is about 5 hours SW of Sydney;  3 hours west of Canberra;  1 1/2 hours from Albury-Wodonga by car.

Overseas Yoshinkan (style) dojo that AYACT instructors/members have visited and trained at:




United Kingdom: