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The Shioda Gozo Memorial 2023 Gasshuku (intensive training camp/together) was held in Kyoto 29 June-3 July. It was the first international Yoshinkan-Yoshinkai get together under the auspices of the Yoshinkan Aikido Fellowship (YAF).


This video about Yoshinkan Aikido and Aikido Yoshinkai NSW was created by Sydney University Journalism students and appeared on The Sydney University TV network. It features Darren Friend Shihan Sensei (6th Dan black belt), Peggy Woo Sensei (5th Dan black belt) and Paul Cale Sensei (Aikinetic and Australian combat instructor: see on Australian TV, “Today” show)


Demonstration by instructor Tom Seeto Sensei and students from the Canberra branch dojo


Interview with Aikido legend – Grand Master Inoue Kyoichi Sensei (10th Dan black belt)


Aikido:Samurai Spirit. Segment done in 2009 by K-1 Japan Prix Champion Nicholas “Blue-Eyed Samurai”; Pettas on Aikido. This program features a number of senior Yoshinkai instructors.


Robert Mustard Sensei of “Angry White Pyjamas” (book by Robert Twiggers) speaks about Yoshinkan Aikido on TV


Joe Thambu Shihan Sensei (8th dan black belt) who has worked on the doors of nightclubs as one of the smallest bouncers around Melbourne, gives his insight about Yoshinkan aikido and self defence.


The World of Yoshinkan Aikido: “Check out this most subtle of martial arts”.


Yoshinkan Aikido Senshusei Program: The program is designed to create black belts and instructors within 12 months. It is a truly life transformining experience for those who survive.


Discovery Channel Go Warrior: Aikido Part 1 of 3. The Go Warrior series was created in 2003 and aired on Discovery Channel showcasing a variety of different martial arts from around the world. The presenter would travel to each location and do his best to train in and pick up the essence of each martial art. This is the Aikido section of the series. Due to length it is in 3 parts. Darren Friend and Peggy Woo Sensei of Aikido Yoshinkai NSW are featured at about 4m 45s.


Discovery Channel Go Warrior: Aikido Part 2 of 3


Discovery Channel Go Warrior: Aikido Part 3 of 3